Human Resources Process Manager

Human Resources Process Manager

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Human Resources Process Manager

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Compensation and Benefits Responsibilities : Corporate benefits management (gift cards, food tickets, etc.).

: Communicate and keep updated the benefits manual.

: Support to compensation and benefits policies established for the organization.

Payroll Responsibilities

: Send salary payment information to payroll provider.

: Guarantee the final information for payment of wages.

: Management of the registration of employees, movements and terminations of personnel for the preparation of payroll management.

: Keep payment information updated for Rolling Forecasts.

: Monitoring and Management of personnels vacations.

: Monthly follow:up on delivery of payment invoices.

Responsibilities for Legal Obligations of the Company

: Responsible of maintain updated all the employees information for internal and external auditing (employees records updated, right control of offer letters per each internal movement, correct control of payment invoice of employees, among others).

: Establish an investigation and punishment procedure for sexual harassment at work and any other activity considered a threat to employees rights.

: Responsible for communicating changes in legislation relevant to employee or industrial relations to the business and ensuring said changes are implemented within HR policies and procedures.

: Ensure compliance with the countrys legal regulations in relation to Personnel Management.

Employee Management Process Responsibilities

: Management of Contracts (new contracts, renewal of contracts, change of roles, etc)

: Personnel movement management. Update Employee data in SAP

: Safety and Health: Ensure compliance with the local law in relation to occupational safety and health and lead the Health and Safety Committee

Employee Hiring Process Responsibilities

: Preparation of economic offers working hand to hand with regional compensation team.

: Ensure complete employee background documentation and keep updated folders.

: Register in SAP (or current system) and assign correct access.

: Coordination of the recruitment and selection specific process that requires market intervention.

New Employee Integration responsibilities

: Ensure new employees access (mail, Fuse and Hilti Platforms).

: Provide welcome information to all new hires (Presentation of the company, corporate benefits, payment process, dress code, compliance, expense policy etc.)

Engagement and Retention Process responsibilities

: Support Marketing team with content and/or audiovisual material for communications initiatives

: Definition of celebrations for the local organization (such as Fathers Day, childrens day, company anniversaries, Kick Offs, among others).

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